Make 2023 Effortless With these Apple Safari tricks


Safari is the default web browser used by iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Unfortunately, most users take the browser for granted and forget to delve deep into all the different features and settings of the browser. However, you must avoid making the same mistake. So continue scrolling to take your browsing experience to the next level with these Safari tricks for 2023 and beyond. 

Sort the Tabs Into Groups 

Do you have too many tabs open at the same time? If it feels cluttered, you can organize the tabs into groups. 

The process of organizing tabs will differ depending on your device of choice. 

On your iPhone, tap the Tabs icon > select the X Tabs entry at the bottom > select New Empty Tab Group to create a new tab group > name your new group > tap Save. You can choose the group from the Tabs screen. 

On your iPad, select the Sidebar icon > tap Tabs icon > select New Empty Tab Group and create a new group > name the group. 

You can press down on a thumbnail and select Move to Tab Group if there’s an existing group. This will move the tabs into an existing group. 

On your Mac, Control + click a tab in the Tab bar and select Move to Tab Group. Then, you can choose the existing Tab Group or create a new one. 

You can leverage the Share Tab Groups feature to collaborate with your team if you have updated your devices to the latest OS versions. The recipients can make changes or add tabs. 

Create and Delete Safari Reading List 

If you have come across something interesting on the web and want to save it for the future, you can add it to the Reading List. Webpages on this list can be read even when you are not connected to the Internet. 

On your iPad or iPhone, open a webpage > tap the share button > tap Add to Reading List. On your Mac, you can add a webpage to the Reading List by moving the cursor over the Smart Search field and clicking the one-step add button. Alternatively, you can Shift + click a link to add the linked page. 

However, if your Reading List is overflowing and you wish to trim it, you can delete a few items from the list. To know how you can delete Safari Reading List, click

Auto-close Tabs 

If you use Safari regularly, you might be opening many pages. At some point, the browser may seem cluttered with many open tabs. You can prevent this from opening by ensuring the tabs are automatically closed after a specific amount of time. 

You can set the tabs to auto-close after a day, one week, or even one month. 

Turning on this function means you don’t have to worry about closing the tabs. 

Stop Tabs from auto-closing 

Suppose you have to work with the same set of websites every day, it would not do you any good to auto-close the web pages. Then, you will have to manually type the web address in the search box and hit enter. 

One way to ensure the tabs remain open is by disabling the auto-close option. 

On your iPhone, go to Settings > select the Safari app > choose the Tabs section > select to open the Close Tab option. In addition, you can set the option to Manually. 

On your Mac, launch the Safari app > click the menu > choose Preferences > General > choose All Windows from Last Session > Relaunch the Safari browser. 

Although the options are named differently across iPhones and Macs, they both have the same objective. First, they prevent the tabs from auto-closing, so the next time you launch the browser, the tabs automatically start loading. 

Enjoy Private Browsing 

Do not let Safari keep track of the websites you visit or even autofill your information. Instead, browse in the Private Browsing mode to keep your privacy intact and hide your online activities. Although you won’t be completely anonymous, you can prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. 

Sync Website Settings 

Whatever changes you make to website settings in Safari, you can sync your choices across your Apple devices. 

Head to Settings > Safari and swipe down to the Settings for Websites section. Enable the Share Across Devices option. 

Therefore, the changes you make on your iPhone will be synced when using Safari on your Mac. 

Check Privacy Report 

As you move from one website to another, cross-site trackers keep a tab on your online activities. But, thanks to Safari’s privacy updates, the browser blocks these trackers by default. 

Furthermore, you can see which websites and trackers have been blocked through Apple’s Privacy Report

Final Thoughts 

These Safari tricks will ensure a smooth-sailing experience while browsing the web and engaging in different activities online.



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